mother and daughter smiling at each other which touching foreheads

Our employees embrace the concept of socialization for every resident and acknowledge that the healing process and long-term health stability relies on personalized care. Our energetic activity staff supplements wellness by delivering opportunities for residents to maintain a fulfilled and pleasurable stay. From one-on-one interaction to group participation, our team strives to utilize tailored activities to meet the individualized needs of our residents. Our compassion is expressed both by how care is delivered by our staff, and how we organize and operate our building and programs.

Consistent Assignments

A facility ambassador is assigned to each newly admitted resident. This ambassador connects with the resident and their family to promote comfort. The practice of having the same staff members consistently care for the same resident benefits both the individual and the caregivers. Residents are more comfortable with a familiar face and appreciate not having to repeat their needs to different people. Consistent caregivers are able to provide individualized care and establish bonds with residents.

Liberalized Dining

Meals play an important role in residential living. Not only are they a means of nutrition, but also of socializing. That’s why we focus on the dining experience: tables are often prepared with tablecloths and place settings, and meals can be served rather than delivered on trays. Residents enjoy fruit and baked goods daily. In addition, residents enjoy an open dining menu, including vegetarian selections. Our resident Culinary Council also votes on one special meal a month. This attention to the environment creates a home-like atmosphere and, in turn, improves nutritional intake and quality of life.

Historical Photo Package

The framed and captioned “classic” black and white photo images displayed throughout our facility are enjoyed by all of our residents as they reminisce about times throughout their lives. These photo packages, of historical figures or events, or movie stars and athletes, give residents a chance to converse and share memorable moments with each other. The classic home-like décor is charmingly nostalgic.

Laundering, Beauty/Barbershop Services & Activities Program

Laundering services are available to all residents. Our center also offers in-house beauty and barbershop services, which promote increased self-esteem and socialization. In addition, we have a daily activities calendar with opportunities for residents to engage in individualized activities and interactive community events.